Floating Islands – DnD Battle Map


Handdrawn citymap for your Roleplaying tabletop games (TTRP’s) and adventures in Dungeons And Dragons (DnD, Pathfinder, and other roleplaying games)


Handdrawn map for your Roleplaying tabletop games (TTRP’s) and adventures in Dungeons And Dragons (DnD, Pathfinder, and other roleplaying games)

– Digital download
– Full Color
– High resolution File (4000X4000 pixels)
– Gridded and ungridded versions
– Printable and usable for personal use

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Possible backstory for this map:

In the vast expanse of the Astral Realms, a dimension interwoven with magic and mystery, lies the ethereal wonderland known as the Floating Dominion. This extraordinary realm is a collection of countless floating islands suspended in the astral energies, each island holding its own marvels and secrets.

The Beacon of Boredom: On one of the smaller floating islands, the Beacon of Boredom stands tall, emanating an aura that drains excitement and adventure from the hearts of all who come near. Legend speaks of a once-powerful wizard who, in a fit of melancholy, created the Beacon to encapsulate their own boredom. However, over time, the magic grew, and it began to affect the surrounding areas, causing the vibrant energies of the Astral Realms to dull in its proximity. Adventurers passing through this island find their spirits dampened and their will to explore diminished, making it a place best traversed swiftly.

The Infinite Falls: Another island houses a serene and mesmerizing sight—a tranquil pond fed by an eternal waterfall. The waters of this pond are unlike any other; they flow infinitely, providing an unending supply of fresh, pure water. This endless source of hydration is revered and protected by the island’s inhabitants, as it symbolizes life’s eternal cycle and the abundance of the Astral Realms’ magic. The pond’s shores are a sanctuary for weary travelers, offering respite and rejuvenation to those fortunate enough to find it amidst their journeys.

The Citadel of Eternia: The grandest of all the floating islands is dominated by the imposing Citadel of Eternia, a majestic castle built with enchanted stone and adorned with shimmering spires that reach for the stars. The Citadel serves as the residence of the enigmatic Archmage of Eternia, a powerful sorcerer said to have harnessed the very essence of the Astral Realms. The Archmage safeguards the delicate balance of magic within the realm, ensuring that its wonders are not misused. The castle is both a symbol of authority and a beacon of knowledge, where mages and scholars from far and wide seek to learn from the Archmage’s wisdom.

The Toxic Verdance: Amidst the beauty of the Floating Dominion, there lies an island dominated by a massive, blooming red plant. Its captivating allure, however, hides a perilous secret—it is toxic to all who come near. Known as the Toxic Verdance, the plant’s allure has ensnared many unwary adventurers. Legends speak of an ancient curse that befell the island when an ambitious alchemist attempted to create a potion of immortality but instead gave life to the malevolent plant. The island remains a place of danger, its poison capable of overpowering even the most skilled of adventurers.

The Floating Dominion is a realm of wondrous contradictions, where beauty and peril coexist in harmony. Its floating islands hold a myriad of adventures and challenges for daring explorers, each one presenting unique trials that test both body and spirit. The inhabitants of this magical realm live in awe of the mysteries that surround them and honor the delicate balance between life and magic that defines their existence. It is a place where the brave forge their legends and where the secrets of the Astral Realms await to be unveiled by those with the courage to seek them.